13th Annual Conference of the Society for Humanistic Psychology
March 19-22, 2020
New Orleans

As Within, so Without:
Humanistic Psychology, Revolutionary Stewardship, and Global Justice

Since the vision of humanistic psychology collectively articulated at the Old Saybrook Conference in 1964, humanistic psychology has embraced the notion of becoming fully human. This paradigm has always offered a powerful and meaningful answer to needlessly reductionistic and overly pathologizing approaches to therapy. In honoring the ways in which each of us embrace our being in the world, moving from fragmentation into wholeness (if that is what we value and choose), and becoming more genuine and authentic (if we wish to do so), humanistic psychology has restored heart, body, and soul to therapy and to living. Perhaps current injustices also bring an invitation to embody a more inclusive and expansive vision. Self-development for its own sake is not sufficient. Imposing individualistic Westernized notions of humanness on the rest of the world and rationalizing away the psycho-spiritual and ecological harm incurred in doing so is no longer tolerable. While any languish in invisibility or suffer injustice, none of us can truly be free and whole. Building upon previous endeavors of the Society for Humanistic Psychology, this conference seeks to explore multiple facets of this invitation. What do we do when we realize how intricately interwoven are our lives with those of everyone else, when health and well-being depend so critically on the planet on which we live? How do we honor our responsibility to care for the natural world when we are seemingly hell bent on destroying it (and each other)? The new, or perhaps true revolution of humanistic psychology lies in a notion of stewardship rather than dominion, of global justice rather than “mere” self-awareness.