Anna Adjei-Barrett, Ph.D., an adjunct professor in the school of Education at Niagara University  one of the nation's leading experts in Education.  She is the founder, and president of Global Partnerships Inc, a not-for-profit organization designed to mediate partnerships between underrepresented communities, developing countries, and United States to build sustainable educational infrastructure. She takes lessons learned from the salesroom, classroom and boardroom, to energize audiences to discover life’s possibilities.


As a pioneering woman in the world of education for over two decades, Dr. Adjei-Barrett’s experience in student engagement has energized thousands to achieve academic success through her interactional research methodology. Known for motivating her students in intellectually charged democratic dialogue,  Dr. Adjei-Barrett travels extensively around the globe where she has provided considerable training in cultural competence and culturally responsive practices to schools, universities, and businesses.   


Living on three different continents as a multilingual and transient nomad has inspired her value for diversity and provokes a desire to model and promote lifelong passion for learning.  She has defied all odds by embracing her fears; turning insurmountable life’s challenges into discovery opportunities. Her over three decades of mobility focuses  attention on empowering and motivating her global audience in exploring culturally developed methods in relationship building.


Dr. Adjei-Barrett holds a Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Buffalo in Second Language Acquisition. Her research interest investigates how students create new language systems and modify existing ones during their language acquisition and development.  She actively serves on the board of directors for several educational and progressive organizations and can be contacted for keynotes, seminars, training and workshop opportunities, @ or 716-930-2690.