Getting around town:

RTD bus, Uber, Lyft and Z Trip Taxis are all great options to get around Boulder.

Uber/Lyft is about $4 -6, cab a bit more Z Trip Taxi.  The RTD bus requires $2.60 exact change per local trip.  Ask your driver to let you know where to get off.

The Conference location will be at Naropa University’s Nalanda Campus at 6287 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO 80301. The JUMP bus, which runs along Arapahoe Ave., comes about every 10 minutes with service to the Nalanda Campus at 63rd Street and Arapahoe Avenue.

From the Best Western Plus Boulder Inn: 15 - 20 minutes by BUS from the campus via the BOUND and the JUMP bus, or a 15 minute walk south (1 mile) to Arapahoe Ave. and then take the JUMP bus. 

To catch the BOUND exit the hotel and turn left.  Walk up the sidewalk/bike path to the next major intersection (Baseline), about 1 minute walk.  Cross the street (straight ahead) and turn left.  Walk a short distance and you will see the bus stop.  Once you exit the BOUND (on the northeast corner of Arapahoe and 30th) walk back across Arapahoe, turn left and you will see the bus top directly in front of you (southeast corner).

From the Millennium Harvest House: 10 – 15 minutes by BUS from campus via the JUMP .  To access the bus stop, walk across the Safeway parking lot (right in front of the Millennium) and you will find the bus stop there, on the southwest corner of Arapahoe and 28th St.

Uber/Lyft is about $4-6; cab a bit more Z Trip Taxi.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   The JUMP and BOUND busses do not begin early enough on Saturday and Sunday to arrive in time for the 8am session.  Please check scheduled bus times and make alternate arrangements (rental car, ridesharing, Uber, Lyft or taxi) if you plan to attend 8 am sessions. We plan to have a voluntary ride share sign up at the Welcome Ceremony on Thursday evening for people who want to offer rides, or want to share Lyft/Uber/taxi.


FRIDAY: Walk from the Best Western to the BOUND bus stop (3 min.), BOUND arrives at 7:22am, connect with the JUMP at 7:35am, arrive 7:42am at Nalanda Campus (NW corner of 63rd and Arapahoe). OR Catch the BOUND at 7:32am, connect with the JUMP at 7:45am, arrive at 7:52am.