It all started when...

Vivian Chávez has an eclectic background in violence prevention, expressive arts, and community organizing.  Her courses infuse a global dimension to Health Education focused on solutions, resiliency and common values.  A storyteller by nature, she has developed a teaching approach to heal the mind/body divide characteristic of higher education and collaborated with community based organizations to disseminate their work.  She co-edited Primary Prevention: Strategies in Community Wellbeing, co-authored Drop That Knowledge: Youth Radio Stories, and translated Media Advocacy into Spanish for culturally appropriate and community accessible terminology.  Her latest project, Cultural Humility: People, Principles & Practices is a film that mixes poetry with music, interviews, archival footage, and images of nature to describe what cultural humility is and why it’s needed to create a broader more inclusive view of the world.

Vivian Chavez: (