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An existential psychologist, author, and independent scholar and practitioner, Erik Craig is particularly interested in the intricacies of therapeutic relating, the analysis of dreams, and the role of human affect and attachment in human development and psychotherapy. His work combines the perspectives of humanistic, existential, and psychoanalytic thinking and practice. He has developed an approach to existential depth psychotherapy he now calls Humanistic Relational Daseisanalysis integrating the work of contemporary relational approaches to psychoanalysis with Medard Boss’s Daseinsanaysis and Clark Moustakas’s relationship psychotherapy.

Having served on the full time faculties of several graduate psychology programs, including Assumption College (MA), the University of New Mexico, and Pacifica Graduate Institute (CA), he now lectures and trains therapists in this country Europe and Asia. Most recently in China, Greece, and Lithuania. He has published over 50 articles in scholarly journals and is editor of two special groundbreaking issues of The Humanistic Psychologist entitled, Psychotherapy for Freedom: The Daseinsanalytic Way in Psychology and Psychoanalysis(1988) and Depth, Death and Dialogue: New Inquiries in Existential Depth Psychotherapy (2008). He is also one of five senior editors for the forthcoming Wiley World Handbook of Existential Psychotherapy (2019) and, in 2015, was honored with the Rollo May Heritage Award by the Society for Humanistic Psychology.

In addition to his intensive study and collaboration with influential Western psychologists like Clark Moustakas, Paul Stern, Charles McArthur,  Medard Boss, and Gion Condrau, Erik studied for over a decade with the Eastern psychiatrist, Rhee Dongshick, the Korean founder of Tao Psychotherapy.  He is currently president of the New Mexico Psychoanalytic Society and a past president APA’s Society for Humanistic Psychology as well as the International Association for the Study of Dreams. Erik currently lives in Santa Fe New Mexico where he writes and has a private psychotherapy practice.