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Dr. Sue, using his personal life changing experiences of racism and microaggressions towards both he and his family, has dedicated his life’s work to the study of multiculturism in psychology, education, counseling, and therapy. As a pioneer guiding the field of multiculturism, he has researched racial dialogues, racism, antiracism, white privilege, microaggressions, more recently broadening this research and definitions to include religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, and other marginalized groups.

On the cutting edge of research, moving the field of multiculturism forward in thought-provoking, positive ways, Dr. Sue has forged concepts, theories, and vocabulary inherent in his chosen fields of research. He has authored over 160 publications, 21 books, and has been part of numerous media productions. As Dr. Sue leads the way, he is consistently forging paths for generations of younger scholars interested in multicultural psychology and mental health issues with minority populations. As a member of a culturally diverse group, he becomes a shining example of the necessity for multicultural psychology and the positive integration of psychology with marginalized groups.

In a bold publication, Dr. Sue confronts White Americans with their inherent biases, unintentional oppression of Persons of Color, and their own White Privilege, in his thought-provoking book, Overcoming Our Racism: The Journey to Liberation (2003).

Dr. Sue’s illustrious career has earned him numerous awards from many organizations including community groups, professional organizations, educational institutions, and psychological associations. As two publications have stated, “Impressively, Derald Wing Sue is without a doubt the most influential multicultural scholar in the United States.”